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 As the Big Book states, an AA group sprung up in the community of Maplewood in 1976.  The Club was incorporated as the Northeast Metro Alano Inc. in 1976 and met in Cross Lutheran Church where the members used to sit on old couches.  Those that shared this vision included Russ J., Lloyd S. (Shorty) and Warren G. among others.  The first Board of Trustees consisted of Russ J., Charles G., Barb R. and Bill B.  Within just a couple of short years the group grew such that the meetings needed to be moved to the duplex on Hazlewood across from the Church.  The numbers kept increasing.  The situation dictated the need for more space and another move.  In 1980 the Board that consisted of Bruce R., Mike A., Charlie P. and Florence G. had the wisdom to purchase the property at 1955 Prosperity which is where we presently meet.  The actual move into the house took place in January of 1981.  In February of 1990 the name was changed to Maplewood Alano Club Inc.  The rest is history.